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A new design?

We can help you to design and build a completly new garden. It is time to change your fence, flower bed, plants for the Re-landscaping project.

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Neep Help?

We are professional. We can help you on new lawn installing, lawn moving, power raking, re-seeding and fertilizing. We ensure your land is nicely covered by green.

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Take them off

Weed, moss, dandelion and other small plants may damage your flowerbed which may cost you more money to fix it. If you feel overwhelming on removing them, we will do it for you.

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Yard Cleaning Up

So much...

Yes. We understand that it could be very chanlleging to keep your yard nice and clean. Leafs, tree branches, pinecones and other dead plants always fall onto groud and may damage your lawn. Let's do the cleaning up for you.

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Tree Services

Trees do grow

and that is why we are here to help to trim and prune them at a regular basis. We can also help you to plant a new tree, remove and/or replace an existing tree.

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Garden Solution

DT Gardening & Landscaping's profile had absolutly ZERO complaints. All work guaranteed and at reasonable prices.

Service 7 days a week

We understand that you may want to work together with us to build your dream garden, and that is why we work 7 days a week to fit your schedule!

Call 604-724-5258

Call 24 hours for your free estimates now. Our garden specialists are very knowledgeable and will provide you full detail information for your garden projects.

About Us

DT Gardening & Landscaping provides you with professional service for your needs in Metro Vancouver. From tree trimming to your yard's clean up, DT's variety of services are available 7 Days a Week. DT gets the job done at guaranteed reasonable prices and Free Estimates for your satisfaction.

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